Project Specs:

Client: Stahls’ – the leader in heat transfer vinyl and heat printing technology.
Type: Ecommerce Website
Software: Adobe XD

  • Team Lead
  • Research
  • User Experience (UX)
  • User Interface (UI)
  • Prototyping
  • Design QA

Project Details:

Like with the product page redesign, the whole site had plans for an overhaul. This included the top product category, CAD-CUT Materials. Like with other areas of the site, it was a struggle to meet the needs of everyone involved, from stakeholders to users, but we were on track to do the best we could. This was right before the events of 2020 hit. Then we were forced to put things on the back burner because of limited resources.

This category redesign project started while I was still working at Stahls’, as I mentioned prior, but had not moved into development before I left. Fortunately, a couple of months after I left, they could finally move ahead with the redesign. Though the design is not quite the same as the concept in every way (some of it required other things to move forward as well), it does retain much of what was originally thought up.

Concept to Final Comparison

Evolution of a Category

Like the production page designs that I worked on with the team and very proud of, the category/sub-category pages are another one that I’m proud of the work we did. We always had a very challenging task ahead of us with what was wanted internally from various stakeholders and externally from the users. As you can see in the two following screenshots the page design evolved quite a bit in the five years I was at Stahls’.

Utilizing the design concept talked about above, we aimed to solve one of the most mentioned challenges of our users, specifically new users. What exactly did we sell? It was confusing to some if we sold the materials, the garments, or the designs. By showing rolls of the materials we looked to reduce any confusion. Along with some other options now offered on the page — recommended materials and additional resources — this turned the category page into a modern look for Stahls’.