Project Specs:

Client: Stahls’ – the leader in heat transfer vinyl and heat printing technology.
Type: Ecommerce Website
Software: Adobe XD

  • Team Lead
  • Research
  • User Experience (UX)
  • User Interface (UI)
  • Prototyping
  • Design QA

Project Details:

With custom services starting to grow in business, Stahls’ needed to create a process that would better handle this growth and allow for expansion. That started with redesigning the Custom Art Uploader wizard and the customer service portal for it. At the time of the project, it was seriously outdated and needed some attention in all areas.

Custom Uploader 2017 Redesign

This was one of the first big projects I worked on at Stahls. As you can see in the screenshots below, the process was not always clear to the users what they needed to do. A user would start on one of the Custom Services product pages — in this example, it is the CAD-PRINTZ page — then get the ordering modal after they hit the “Order Now” button.

As I mentioned previously, this redesign was an essential piece to the Custom Services for Stahls’. The flow of the options was something that was given careful consideration in hopes that we could create a better user experience for users to order the available products. Keeping in mind that we were bringing together multiple custom service products into one wizard and would have the ability to expand in the future, this project had a lot of variables to consider. And though, not at launch, we had to keep in mind that this would eventually need to work with mobile users as well.

Overall this project included working out the user experience and improving over what the users had come to expect prior, and creating a brand consistent user interface. A number of changes were made globally to other wizards based on what was taking place for this one. A number of new UI patterns and icons were also created for it.


Custom Art Uploader Wizard Screen 1


Custom Art Uploader Wizard Screen 2


Custom Art Dashboard


Custom Art Design Details


Custom Art Uploader Wizard Userflow