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The following are examples of User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) projects that I have helped designed or re-designed in my time at Stahls’/GroupeSTAHL. For these examples, they were all created using Adobe XD. When possible, I created wireframes, user flows, responsive mock-ups, and did prototypes in Adobe XD with a focus on creating the best possible user experience and user interface while working within the branding and guidelines, I was given.

Developer testimonial quote

A testimonial quote from a developer I have worked with.

UX/UI Case Studies:

Redesigns –

These are just a sampling of the work that I have contributed to over the last few years while working at Stahls’. (Click the thumbnail to learn more about each.)

Applications –

In my time at Stahls’ I also worked on many web applications supplying the UX and UI design. (Click the thumbnail to learn more about each.)

Misc. –

Here you will find some case studies that don’t quite fit into a category (for now). That doesn’t mean they are any less important to the work I did. (Click the thumbnail to learn more about each.)

User Flow Examples:

I have some user flows showing an apparel ordering process and service sign-up from what I can share. (Click the thumbnail to view the user flow examples.)

UI Design Examples:

The following are various examples of my User Interface (UI) design work that I have done over the years — these range from landing pages for error pages to promotional pages to services and more.

Misc. Page Designs

Misc. UI Interactions Examples:

Most of the following interaction examples are ideas I came up with for possible future updates. Aside from the sub-category demo below (which has been used to a degree), none have been implemented at this time.