During these hard times, everyone is being tested. This includes many businesses. We are going to see a changing landscape when this all said and done. Businesses big and small will be gone, and those that remain will only survive based on how they handle themselves during the pandemic and immediately following it. So, when I see brands that I buy their products or support them in some way — doing what they can to help make this unfortunate situation better — I will definitely continue to give them my support and money.

A few such brands showing some great integrity are Osprey, makers of backpacks and other outdoor gear; Burton, a very well known maker of snowboards and snowboarding gear; and New Balance, athletic shoe and apparel maker. These companies have changed some of their production or are stepping up to donate to our health industry in this time of need.

There are other forms of great integrity from companies I admire that I fully stand behind and will continue to support in the future. Outdoor, travel and sports gear retailer REI has shown how you can care for your employees, the community and work towards weathering the pandemic. Though they have furloughed all of their retail staff, they will continue to pay their benefits. Their senior leadership will be forfeiting their salary or fees for a few months. Lastly, they aren’t rushing to open their doors and doing their part to stave off a relapse once things are under control.

I hope that companies will take this time to figure things out and play this smart. Rushing back into things is certainly not going to be good and it could very well cause the start of another wave in this outbreak.

What are some companies that have gone above and beyond that you admire?

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