Growing up during the ’80s, I think it was hard not to be a fan of animation. That ended up being the foundation that fueled my love for comics, anime, video games and more. So, when YT Industries dropped their new commercial for their new 2020 YT IZZO mountain bike, they immediately grabbed my attention.

With a mash-up of ancient Asian culture and a sci-fi futuristic backdrop, the commercial delivers some great fighting action in the span of 60-seconds. The work was done by The Line Animation Studio Ltd from London and to say they have produced something unique for not only the mountain bike industry but I dare to say across many others as well.

Check it out below!

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Jason is a visual designer, illustrator, mountain biker, and pop culture consumer that enjoys sharing in his hobbies with like-minded people. Follow him on Twitter at @robomonsternerd for the latest updates and pop culture talk, and on Instagram at @robomonsternerd for images of toys and other interesting things. The Phantom Cosmonaut header image is by Cerqueira


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